Wooden Specter Magic Wand by Queenie88

A very breath taking specter. Just found her work today and love love love it! She has both and ETSY site and an online store, themagicwandstore.com This beautiful piece is described as

Lovely large scepter magic wand with piece of weathered pine with a Titanium crystal cluster and a beautiful clear quartz crystal cluster. Also has dichroic glass and my new technique of working with silver solder. This 27inch long Scepter is grounding and balanced and ready for ceremony

The clear quartz is known as the Master Healer and magnifies the energies of other working stones.
This Staff inspires:
Power Creativity, Connection with nature, Balance, Focus and Inspiration
Height: 27 inches

Priced as sacred artwork for $295. Visit.

Harry Potter Wand by MaidenWoods

Whether this wand was made for Harry Potter himself or for any local witch it is very pretty by any standard. Priced at $15.00, created by MaidenWoods on ETSY.

Their description:

This wand is simple and perfectly fitting for any person. It’s decorated with only a few small details which leaves it open to fit any taste. It measures in at 14 inches exactly, and has a handle designed to fit your hand perfectly. It is a little plain, but its designed to be a little more economical for those on a tight budget! Its a perfect gift idea, and has a price tag to match!

Again, Designed by MaidenWoods, priced at $15.00

Swirl Salted Maple Wand by DarkWoodArts


“ONE OF A KIND Swirl Spalted maple wand is 9 inches long, Spalted Maple wood,
Hand carved, natural color and black stain, natural linseed oil, poly, wax finish.
Will not make another like it!

These are 100% REAL SOLID WOOD, hand carved wands. No resin, no glues, not painted.
Each wand is made with the utmost attention to detail and story description. I treat every wand as a work of art that will be someone’s most prized possession.”

Please check out his wonderful art work in his ETSY STORE DARKWOODARTS

Wild Cherry – Carved Goddess

This Beautiful Cherry wand is made by Wise Woman Craft listed at 49.99 pounds

This wand started out being a purely feminine wand as Cherry is a wood with feminine energy. I carved a spiral at the end and a goddess just above the handle. The wand however had other ideas and decided it also wanted male symbolism, the end of the handle I had carved into a dome but this developed a split and a natural tiny hole appeared in the end making it look extremely Phalic. So now it is a wand with both male and female symbolism.

The bark has been left on for the handle but has been sanded till smooth.

A very solid, powerfull and grounded wand.
Cherry wood is used in ritual to stabilize and focus, it is extremely powerful in fertility spells
and is often used for intuition and insight and to overcome obstacles.
Cherry wood is suited for use in hunting magick, working with animals and familiars, eroticism, unification of covens and groups, spells of detection, and amplifying spell work.
Cherry wood is an excellent choice for divination or medium work, as well as healing and love magic.

This wand has been treated with several coats of pure beeswax polish.

Cleansed in bright sunlight

Wand is approx. 43cm tall and 2.5cm thick

Visit Wand

Simplistic & Powerful Rose Wand by WiseWomanCraft


Simplistic & Powerful Rose Wand by WiseWomanCraft

This wand maker came to us as a nominee. If any of you out there would like to nominate a wand or a wand maker please do!

This wand is made from a piece of pruned wild rose. Coated only with beeswax (just the way I like it)!

Rose wood is very good for protection spells which great for this half of the year. It also vibrates strongly with love and healing and many other layers which you can find singing to you – or through you.

Price is set too low at 12.99 pounds.

Rosewand at ETSY by WiseWomanCrafts


May 2014

Beautiful Natural Wand by  Mazedasastoat:

This beautiful wand maybe purchased on ETSY for $25.00

Natural Wood Wand *English Oak* for Power!

This is a wand made from a small branch of a mature Oak tree. The limb had been broken by tractors going through a field gateway, so I trimmed it back and tidied it up so no more damage would be done to the tree. It has a relatively straight shaft, and a comfortable handle formed from a small zig-zag kink. I’ve left the bark intact to enhance the rustic quality, and there are numerous areas a lichen ranging from the palest khaki green through to a deep sooty black. There are several leaf scars along the shaft, but no knots that break the bark except for one close to the handle.The xposed wood has seasoned to the rich colour known universally as “Medium Oak” and is glass smooth beneath your fingertips.

I think this wand has rather a quiet and calm feel, not at all the somewhat authoritarian air that is so common in Oak. It seems friendly but rather aloof, although that probably just means it’s holding itself in reserve for it’s rightful owner. I believe it would suit almost anyone, man or woman, young or old, experienced practitioner or complete novice.

Oak is known for its properties of strength and endurance, and can provide strong protection. It is excellent for magic to do with power or dominion, and can be helpful in spells to do with prosperity.

Size: About sixteen inches long and just over five eighths of an inch thick.
408mm x 18mm.

It will come with a list of the magical properties of the wood, a picture of the actual wand, consecration suggestions and care instructions.

Please be aware that some countries do not allow the importation of any wooden items that still have the bark attached. It is up to you to ensure that an item is not in breach of the customs regulations of your country before you buy.

For a full list of the woods I might have available, as well as their magical properties, associated folkore and a bunch of other stuff, check out my blog at: http://www.mazedasastoat.blogspot.com/

Yule Love. Priapic Wand by WildWizardCrafts.

Kai Seidr of  WIldWizardCrafts  wrote this write up on their lovely wand:

“Priapic wand with cone on natural silver bark branch with red ribbon wrap/bow and hanging loop.
Priapic wand, which is named after Priapus, the Roman God of fertility and procreation. This wand symbolises the lord of the forest / Pan / the green man and shaking it and pointing at plants and trees is said to wake them up from their winter’s sleep so that they can witness the union of the bride and lord of the forest. It is used as a magical means to assist in the fertilisation of the plants and all that grows in nature so that when spring time comes the world with be bright with blooming flowers and growth.”

Wand list price under $20 USD.

I will say it has woken me up from my posting slumber. Wishing everyone Glad Tidings!