Yule Love. Priapic Wand by WildWizardCrafts.

Kai Seidr of  WIldWizardCrafts  wrote this write up on their lovely wand:

“Priapic wand with cone on natural silver bark branch with red ribbon wrap/bow and hanging loop.
Priapic wand, which is named after Priapus, the Roman God of fertility and procreation. This wand symbolises the lord of the forest / Pan / the green man and shaking it and pointing at plants and trees is said to wake them up from their winter’s sleep so that they can witness the union of the bride and lord of the forest. It is used as a magical means to assist in the fertilisation of the plants and all that grows in nature so that when spring time comes the world with be bright with blooming flowers and growth.”

Wand list price under $20 USD.

I will say it has woken me up from my posting slumber. Wishing everyone Glad Tidings!

Holly Rune Wand By TreeSeer

Holly Rune Wand by TreeSeer

In a Rune state of mind. This Holly wand comes to us from TreeSeer. I normally veer away from wands with Runes. I have a deep respect for the art of Runes. I believe they should be trifled with except with deep respect and practice. It is certain from TreeSeers work that he is not trifling but using a practiced and adept hand. He has other beautiful work on his site. Please visit him and his TreeSeer.

Witches Bone-Sycamore Rainbow Moonstone Wand By LunaSolare

Just a beautiful and beautifully crafted piece. Looking at it alone takes me into another realm. Created by LunaSolare this piece is of Sycamore and enhanced with moonstone, amethyst, clear quartz crystal and apoxie clay spirals and goddess face. It radiates! Please visit the storesite to see more creations or click here to view this magickal wand.

Black Walnut 10 inches by NaturalCraftUK

Black Walnut is a cautionary tail and is always a witch’s wand. Someone may craft one as a harmless or simple child’s toy. But Black Walnut is not simple nor harmless. Black Walnut will lead you to the darker places of your soul. That is not a bad thing. To look into one’s dark side is necessary to improve ones life. We must face our dark side and come to terms with it. Work with it to be used in a positive way. But it may be a difficult thing to achieve for a child and may lead to nightmares, night terrors, anxiousness. Black Walnut is not a tree to use for astral travel for journeying. For those that do Shamanic traveling or hedge crossing Black Walnut needs to be avoided at all costs.

So, what is Black Walnut for? Black Walnut is a tree not afraid to kill or injure others in order to grow and survive. Black Walnut is nurturing to its mammal community with its protein packed walnuts that come sprouting out before winter. Black Walnut is excellent for those that work with dying, surviving loss, in mourning, those desiring to face and integrate their dark side, those in the military who are in constant harms way. Those that worship the dark side of the Goddess, God. Banishment, hexing, protective work also come to mind.

There is nothing wrong about working with a Black Walnut Wand but one should know what they are working with and know it is not one just for light hearted playtime.

This beautiful wand was crafted by NaturalCraftUK found on ETSY. For more information on this wand click here. I found this to be a beautiful and lovingly crafted wood wand. The ring around the handle is a fun and very symbolic addition. The raised spiral very potent. It comes across as loved, wanted and (again) potent. Hats off to Jason Townsend the wandmaker of this handcrafted wand. Priced Generously at $31.01 USD.

Breath of Life Wand by MoonsCraftUK

There are few things in this would that are more feminine than Lilac. If your desire in a working with a wood wand is to embrace and know the feminine form of the Goddess, than I can think of no better wood. This beautiful handpainted lilac wand comes to us from MoonsCraftUK on ETSY. This wand is Witchmade with the love of the Goddess inbedded into its creation. More on this beautiful lilac wand can be found here.

Daughter of the Sea, Ocean Magic Wand by DreamWeaverSpirit

I have been saving this one for quite sometime. This piece is just mesmerizing to me. This has a Holly wand shaft sandwiched between an antler tine and a large quartz. But even if it did not have the Holly it would have made it on this website. Just stunning! Created by DreamWeaverSpirit. This is they have to say about this magickal piece:

A beautiful and magical Native American inspired wand. I have stripped, sanded and waxed a beautiful piece of Holly.( I wanted to leave some of the colour and markings so I didn’t sand it down completely). I have attached a piece of shed antler and a rough quartz crystal with epoxy resin, and I have created the design around the turquoise cabochon and coral with epoxy putty. The round beadwork is flat circular herringbone stitch and I have beaded around it using peyote stitch. Hanging off the beadwork is a shark tooth and behind the tooth you will find what looks like the navel (belly button)of the wood. This wand practically made itself, it measures 8″ and has a lovely energy. A beautiful and powerful wand to work with when connecting to the ocean and attuning to the creation of life.


Holly is a very fiery and protective wood. It is used for increasing spiritual strength and has life giving and creative properties. It is also associated with dream magick and fertility and is said to to protect us from anything that isn’t unconditional love.

Quartz crystal is used for scrying, it stimulates psychism and amplifies spiritual power.

Turquoise is said to attract luck and happiness. It also helps with self expression, creativity and stimulates the throat chakra.

Coral is said to quiet the emotions and brings peace within. It helps us to both understand and use the qualities of the mystic, facilitates intuition, imagination and visualization. It is also said to attract love and beauty.

Sharks are called upon for protection and for accessing the unconscious mind. Shark is a very powerful totem to have. They teach us to swim the path of least resistance and to go forward driven by our primal instincts. They symbolise transition as they are constantly renewing themselves. Shark people are efficient, dynamic, knowing, and powerful.

Antler/Stag helps us recconnect with nature and our instinctive and intuitive personality. It also represents strength, power and fertility.

Turkey (feather) teaches us how all life is sacred and we must learn to give and be grateful for what we have.

Other Shamanic Wands by DreamWeaverSPirit can be seen here.

Morrigu Celtic Goddess Crow Wand by Nethersphere

Came across this gorgeous piece this morning. Found it too inspiring to wait a week or a day or an hour to post.The creator is Stephanie lostimolo of ETSY Netherphere. This is her description of this beautiful piece.

The Morríghan (Morrígu) is the ancient Celtic triple goddess of strife, sexuality, and the birth/life/death cycle. She appears in the form of a crow or raven and legend tells of her flights over the battlefield, awaiting the souls of the brave slain in battle. She is known as the Great Queen and the Phantom Queen. She has also been associated with wealth, land, rivers, and blood mysteries.

This wand is just over 10 inches long. It features a hand-sculpted Raven’s head and Celtic triple spiral. Embedded within it are several blood-red Garnet cabochons, a Smoky Quartz cabochon, two perfect Quartz crystals, and a cat’s eye Moonstone cabochon. It is sculpted onto a piece of driftwood from the Columbia River in northwest Oregon.

To see more of her amazing work or to purchase this piece click here.